This was a fun and quick jaunt into the past and through the American revolutionary war. Sophia is a wonderfully spunky and wholly dedicated patriot to the revolutionary cause. I would have liked to know the basis for her motivation, but she was a constant and wonderful character I felt like I could relate to and stand in her shoes. Grant is a lovely character balancing his duty and his desire to protect Sophia from the rough war he is involved in. I’d love to have heard more of his history as well, but it was sadly missing. However, their relationship is sweet and wonderful and I was rooting for them all along. I’ll admit, while reading, a few tears were shed, a few breaths were held, and my patriotism was pumped up by a few levels. Though I would have loved this to be four times as long (that may have been the history buff in me), it was a wonderful read and one I would highly recommend.


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