Great Storyline

I love Jessica James’ books. She never fails to keep me intrigued with her story lines. She puts so much into her stories that I don’t want them to end. This is another great work by her.

I love this book!!!!!

Very powerful, honorable, and compelling love story. Love of country and of the heart. Each chapter begins with an historical quote from one of our founding fathers. Well done! I love historical fiction and this is one of the...

Outstanding story!

A well written suspenseful story set in the Revolutionary War. Characters are well developed. Once you start the novel you won’t be able to set it down.

Jessica does it again!

Another well done novella by Jessica James. She takes the reader right back into the American revolution with all the action, romance, and entertainment you could want in historical fiction. Can’t wait to see where this story of such devoted patriots will...

Fun jaunt through history!

This was a fun and quick jaunt into the past and through the American revolutionary war. Sophia is a wonderfully spunky and wholly dedicated patriot to the revolutionary cause. I would have liked to know the basis for her motivation, but she was a constant and...

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