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Just like other publishers and authors, I offer a 40 percent discount to bookstores and libraries. If you would rather purchase my books through a distributor, you can find them through Ingram and Baker and Taylor. For museum stores, my books are distributed through Eastern National and Event Network.

Above and Beyond: 2013 release, ISBN 9780979600098 (trade paper)
Reviewed by Publishers Weekly

Above and Beyond: 2013 release, ISBN 9780979600081 (e-pub)

Noble Cause: 2011 release, ISBN 9780979600043 (hardcover)
Winner of the John Esten Cooke Award for Southern Fiction

Noble Cause: 2013 release, ISBN 9780979600067 (trade paper)

Noble Cause: 2013 release, ISBN 9780979600050 (e-pub)

Shades of Gray: 2008 release, ISBN 9780979600005 (trade paper)

Shades of Gray: 2009 release, ISBN 9780979600036 (e-pub)

From the Heart: 2013 release, ISBN 9780979600074 (e-pub)

Would you like offer your customers the opportunity to own signed copies of my novels?

You can do this three ways:

1. Get in touch with me about signing at your bookstore. Or let’s talk about how we could work together in other unique-to-your-store ways.

2. Send me any books you would like me to sign for your customers. Mail them to the address below and include stamped self-addressed padded bags in which I can return the books to you. I will sign the books and put them in the mail to you within a week. If you would prefer to have faster service or to send books by a delivery service, please use the email address on this Web site to let me know.

3. Tell your customers I would be happy to sign individual books for them if they follow the same procedure: Send a book and a stamped self-addressed padded bag to me at the address below (or use the e-mail contact form on this site to arrange an another method of shipment). If customers would like me to sign books in a special way, please ask them to mention this when they send the books. It is a joy and privilege to live in a country with so many wonderful bookstores—large and small—and I hope we can work together soon.

Warmest regards,
Jessica James
1505 Knoxlyn Road
Gettysburg, Pa. 17325

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