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Civil War heroes & revisionist history

I was surprised, and a little dismayed, to talk to a reader in Virginia a few weeks ago, who thought that Colonel John Mosby (the Confederate officer that Colonel Alexander Hunter, the main character in Shades of Gray, is based upon) was a murderer and a thief. For...

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Historic homes: If only the walls could talk

On a recent trip to Virginia for a Shades of Gray book signing event, I passed the home called Eastview, which is located off Rt. 29 in Fauquier County. The house stands on a hillside and is easily seen from the road, but unfortunately, I didn't have time to take a...

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A page from Civil War history

Just for fun, I thought I'd share some information from James J. Williamson's book Mosby's Rangers on what it was like in October, 1864, for Mosby's men. For those of you who are new to my blog, Colonel John S. Mosby is the real-life Confederate cavalry officer whom...

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Take me home country roads

I am really off-topic this week, but I can't help but write about the vanishing countryside around my small town of Gettysburg as the city folk and progress move in.I was completely stunned when I drove down my dirt driveway earlier this week to find that a yellow...

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Economy, Civil War novel go hand-in-hand

As I write, the stock market is going up and gas prices are going down. Let's hope the worst of the economic roller coaster is behind us. Still, there is a lot of anxiety out there, so I thought I'd share a little snippet I wrote for Amazon on why this is a great time...

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Off topic post – a three-legged stray

I've been wanting to write about the newest member of my family for some time now. Since it's the middle of a busy work week, now is as good a time as any.First, for a little background, I live on a fairly secluded patch of land that is mostly wooded and hides a...

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John Mosby – A rebel even after the war

I received my latest copy of The Southern Cavalry Review today and read it cover to cover. Many thanks to the Stuart-Mosby Historical Society's new newsletter editor Valerie Protopapas for an outstanding job. For those of you who are not familiar with Colonel John S....

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Book-signing event a step back in time

My Friday book signing in Waterford, Va. at the 65th annual Waterford Homes Tour and Crafts Exhibit started out with a nice writeup in the Loudoun edition of the Washington Post. (It's nice to get publicity with good timing, though I'm not sure it helped).I was...

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A real walk in the past lane

If you read my "Glamorous Life" blog post you know I had a book signing in the beautiful Virginia town of Warrenton last Saturday. While there, I took some pictures of houses that I have passed hundreds of times, but like most people, never really stopped to think...

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The Glamorous Life of an Author

Today I thought I'd share with readers a small glimpse into the life of an award-winning author. For anyone out there who is not yet published, or who is published but has not yet done a book signing, here is a peek into the lifestyle of the not-so-famous.Saturday,...

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