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A trip back in time to Olde Virginia

Well, I'm back from beautiful Charlottesville and the Virginia Festival of the Book, and boy did I have fun! Though I was only there a short time, I did take the opportunity to see some of the historic sites the Charlottesville area has to offer. My first stop was...

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A Civil War curiosity: Devil’s Den

One of the little perks I get for living in an historic area like Gettysburg is to have the opportunity to pass Civil War landmarks during my everyday travels. I found myself in that circumstance last week when a shortcut to an appointment took me across the area of...

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Civil War graffiti & a new photo of Lincoln

So many great Civil War stories in the news this week, I wanted to post a couple in case you missed them. As an historical fiction author, I am always keeping my eyes open for these, and it always amazes me when we learn something new about this period!The first one...

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Another page from Civil War history

"Then not one drop of blood was shed in vain."I found this passage about the Confederates repulsing an overwhelming force against unbelievable odds, and thought I would share. This type of writing is why I fell in love with reading first-hand accounts of the War...

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Civil War landmark is almost history

One of the many benefits to come out of book signings is the wonderful people I get to meet. The signing I did at Historic Blenheim in Fairfax, Va. is certainly no exception.Mentioning to one visitor that the main character in Shades of Gray is based loosely on...

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Honoring history on Confederate Flag Day

"Who will scorn or frown to see veterans of the South’s shattered armies unfurl that other banner, the riddled and blood-stained Stars and Bars, to look upon it and weep over it, and press it to their bosoms? For it is hallowed with recollections tender as the...

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Civil War authors gather at historic site

I attended the Civil War authors Book Mart at Historic Blenheim Saturday and had a wonderful time meeting Civil War enthusiasts and other authors. What a fantastic facility it is! I highly recommend this historic treasure to anyone who lives near, or is planning to...

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Civil War anecdotes from Lincoln

Somehow I missed President Abraham Lincoln's real birthday on Feb. 12, but since today is President's Day, I thought I'd go ahead and print a couple of his humorous anecdotes from the Civil War.A.K. McClure writes in his book Lincoln's Yarns and Stories, "I recall...

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Prison break a part of Civil War history

Today is an important day in Civil War history - not for a famous battle or skirmish - but for an event that required no less courage and perseverance than the bloodiest encounter.On Feb. 8, 1864, Yankee prisoners in Richmond's infamous Libby prison finally tunneled...

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Words of love straight from the heart

Find out who wrote the stirring words below - and why the date and the time are so important. You might be surprised that a man was writing a sweet, enduring love letter to his wife at this moment in our nation's history.Now, I go; but remember always that I love you...

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