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If you've stopped by as part of techno-thriller author Denise Robbins' brilliant Connect the Dots promotion, you're in the right place!If you're not, but want to play along, go to Denise's blog. In a nutshell, I am posting the answers to yesterday's questions, which...

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Thanksgiving and the Civil War

I don't know about everyone else, but for me, Thanksgiving conjures images of Pilgrims and Indians sitting around a large table dining on turkey and pumpkin pie. While it's true the new arrivals to America did feast with the Native Americans in the fall of 1621 - the...

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Taking a step back in time in Gettysburg

I intended to write this post much earlier today, but my dog found something really smelly to roll in this morning so I had to throw her in the tub for a bath - and then clean the entire bathroom. (Still can't get that smell out of my nose).Anyway, I had a great time...

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Remembrance Day in Gettysburg

As I scramble around trying to get ready for my Shades of Gray book signing on Saturday, it occurred to me that people in other towns across the country may not realize what a special week this is.To some, Nov. 19 may just be a day that falls the week before...

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A day to thank our veterans

Nov. 11 is Veteran's Day, a U.S. holiday that stretches back to the end of World War I and commemorates the nation's thousands of combat veterans who fought in the service of their country.HistoryOn the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, an...

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Review: Shock Troops of the Confederacy

Everyone who studies the Civil War has different interests, and I am no exception. My favorite topics are civilians, spies/espionage, cavalry units, and independent commands - all facets I touch on in my historical fiction novel Shades of Gray.I promised myself I...

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Shades of Gray part of Op. Desert Swap

I keep wondering if my package has arrived yet in Iraq as part of Operation Desert Swap. In case you haven't heard of it, authors all across the country have donated a copy of their book and "adopted" one of the 83 soldiers in Company C 3/25 Aviation Regiment, a...

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‘Tis the season: Book signings & blog tours

I have a busy week preparing publicity for my Remembrance Day book signing with Jeff Shaara at the National Park Service Visitor Center on Nov. 21, and finishing up interviews and posts for my blog tour in December.As a tease, here is a picture of the basket of Civil...

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