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Busy with butterflies

What a whirlwind month August was! And next month is shaping up to be no less busy. Looking at my schedule, I have something going on every weekend in September, so in the blink of an eye, it will be October!I can't say everything I've been doing relates to the Civil...

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Walking in the footsteps of history

As most Civil War buffs know, there is just something about standing on the actual spot where events occurred that transforms words in a history book into something real and tangible. As a historical fiction author, I have found visiting battlefields and historic...

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Review: The Southern Seahawk

Since it's been such a busy week, I decided to pull out a review I did a while back on the historical fiction novel The Southern Seahawk by Randall Peffer.As the author of a Civil War novel, I am fairly knowledgeable about many aspects of the War Between the States,...

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Book signing at Virginia ‘Ole Time Festival’

As many of you know, I just returned from "The Valley" in Virginia, and I will be heading back in September for a book signing at the 29th Edinburg Ole Time Festival.Edinburg is a quaint little town nestled along US-11 that will come alive on Sept. 18-20, with music,...

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Civil War soldier: ‘With honor to myself’

"I have shouldered my musket and it is not to be laid down unless wrested from me by the hand that is stronger than all, until the nations of the earth, including the proud boasting North should confess that we are not rebels but a nation of freemen that know our...

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Off topic: A field trip to Virginia

Just got back from my much anticipated trip to Virginia to attend the Rt. 11 Yard Crawl.If you enjoy finding treasures at yard sales then I'm sure you can relate to the excitement of attending 43 miles of them in one day! An added bonus for me is that the route winds...

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Little garden still producing fruit

I love summer - not so much for hot weather - but for the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. My little patch of strawberries is still producing a huge bowl of fruit every other day, so I've been eating fresh strawberries (and Cool Whip) every day. It's so nice...

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On a wing and prayer

Wow, I didn't know little birds grew that fast! They are gone. Their little house sits empty now after so much activity over the past few weeks.I'm very disappointed that I didn't get to witness their first flight, but I'm not really complaining that their gone. The...

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Bad weather during the Civil War

If you've ever wondered what the weather was like during the War Between the States, it's pretty easy to sum up - it was bad.The war took place at the end of the “Little Ice Age,” a period of general cooling and unpredictability that scholars date from 1310 to 1850....

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Civil War novel debuts on YouTube

I am excited to finally announce the release of a video book trailer for my historical fiction novel Shades of Gray.Video trailers for books are a lot like their counterparts in the movie industry - a visual promotional tool that gives viewers an idea of the basic...

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