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Off topic: A walk in the woods

The path we walk tothe old log cabin. There's a golden tint in the air these days even if the leaves have only just begun to take on an autumn hue. The humidity has finally dropped and there is the definite feel of fall in the air.It's my favorite time of year! Unlike...

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Experience a Civil War raid at new exhibit

 Visitors will see signs ofMorgan's raiding party. Summer is drawing to a close, but there's still time to take your family on a vacation they will never forget. No, I'm not talking about the beach. (As an historical fiction author, I would never recommend...

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SCV’s role in saving Manassas Battlefield

I received this information in an e-mail and thought I would post it for those who are not aware of the good things the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) organization has done throughout the years. It's especially timely since I just did a book signing in Manassas...

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Yes, Black Confederates really existed

Since there are still those in the world of academia who refuse to believe (or teach) that African Americans served in the Confederate army, I thought I'd post a link to this interesting story from NPR. After years of research, the woman in this story and her...

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Arlington House: Memorial to Robert E. Lee

Arlington HousePart IIThere are probably some people out there who don't know that Arlington National Cemetery is located on the grounds of Arlington House, the home of Confederate General Robert E. Lee for three decades. It has long been a place that I wanted to...

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A sacred shrine – Arlington Cemetery

Arlington National CemeteryPart 1After a heavy book signing schedule in April and May, and then working long hours throughout the month of June (as in 85 hours in one week) I've taken some time off in July to get caught up.Last week I checked off one of the things on...

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Warshing clothes in the old days

Saw this post and thought I'd share a piece of life during the Civil War. This is a word-for-word copy of what an Alabama grandmother gave to a new bride, with spelling errors and all. I think it's funny because I hear people complain all the time about having to "do...

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150th anniversary of the Battle of Manassas

Prospero's Bookstore - (Heaven)Another great time was had at the 150th anniversary of the Battle of First Manassas Civil War event on Friday - but, boy was it hot! I don't know how the re-enactors did it, especially with the sun beating down on the wide, open...

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