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Above and Beyond, the third historical fiction novel by award-winning author Jessica James, is the romantic tale of two people thrown together by war and torn apart by Destiny.

Confederate spy Sarah Duvall pretends to support the Union cause while secretly providing valuable information to the Rebels through cavalry commander Douglas Benton.

Colonel Benton is soon forced to recognize that there is more to being a good soldier than leading a cavalry charge. When Sarah makes a selfless sacrifice, he learns a valuable lesson: That faith is more important than glory—and love more important than life.

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Tiffany A. Kohler
Jessica James has the unique ability to channel Margaret Mitchell to create a timeless classic of love and war. Her previous novels, "Shades of Gray" and "Noble Cause" were 5-stars as well (really 10 stars, but Amazon only lets me go up to five). She is one of those authors that is able to transport you to a different time and place and leave you breathless with delight with the depth of her research, well-drawn characters, and a love story that you will want for your own. Anything this author writes, I will buy. I recommend this to everyone I ...
Virginia Hullinger
I loved this book. It was written so well, the descriptions of the soldiers and the sacrifices made by the women left at home. It was a beautiful love story. I sincerely hope this author writes more of the Civil War stories.
Diva Jefferson
Another great historical by Jessica James. I loved the characters, Douglas and Sarah. They had so much chemistry and you could really see how much they needed each other despite their pasts. This met all my expectations and more. Thanks for a wonderful read!
I could not put this book down! It is a great story about the north and south positions and belief's. It shows that everything about the war was not the clear cut right and wrong history likes to sell us. It shows just how hard hit the brother aganist brother and neighbor against neighbor truely hit the nation.


2014 John Cooke Award for Southern Fiction
2014 Reader’s Crown Award Finalist
2014 Next Generation Indie Award Finalist in Fiction/Religious
2013 USA “Best Books 2013” Finalist in Fiction/Religious

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ISBN:    ABOVE AND BEYOND (2013)  |  Trade Paper: 978-0-9796000-9-8  |  Ebook: 978-0-9796000-8-1

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