February is here in this photo of a path in the woods with ice on the tree limbs.

Gettysburg actually saw more ice than snow so far this winter, but February is here and I’m sure that will change.

I can hardly believe that February is here!

The New Year is in full swing and seems to be flying by.

January is usually a long, cold, miserable month, but thanks to temperatures that were moderate and only a dusting of snow here and there (and a little ice), it went by faster than usual.

The Hotel Bethlehem in the background looking over the backs of two gray horses with black harnesses pulling a carriage in Bethlehem.

Horse and carriage rides are part of the holiday fun in Bethlehem. The Hotel Bethlehem is in the background.

February Is Here, But I’m Writing About December

I finally had time to write about my beautiful stay at the Historic Hotel Bethlehem in December. I love staying in historical hotels, and this hotel the perfect combination of history, hospitality and luxury!

Bethlehem is a beautiful city, especially over the holidays, but from what I discovered, they have wonderful events all year. The Main Street is alive with specialty shops, boutiques, restaurants and bars.

I can’t wait to go back.

Any Travel Plans?

What have you been up to this winter? Any special trips planned?

Sometimes a Stay-cation is just as much fun if you take time away from your regular schedule and “pretend” you’re someplace special.



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