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Hello everyone! I thought I’d better write an update to all of you who love Civil War novels, and are looking for something to read. Somehow the calendar changed to November already!

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Here’s What’s Happening…

As some of you know, I do A LOT of research for my Civil War novels and a large majority of the information I discover never makes it into the book. (Plus, I love taking pictures of historical sites).

As a result, I started a new site called Past Lane Travels, where I can go into a little more depth about the places I visit and the things I learn.

I thought I’d do that for a few months and then go back to writing Civil War novels (and/or suspense/thrillers), but here we are with only two more months left in the year, and I still have so many posts about places I’ve visited to write about.

Journey Into The Past

I don’t know why I am so infatuated with the history and historical sites, but I love sharing information about some of the beautiful plantation houses I’ve visited — especially with those whom I know share my love for books that take place during the Civil War.

A few of the most beautiful plantations I’ve been to are the Houmas House in Louisiana, Middleton Place in South Carolina, and Nottoway Plantation in Louisiana.

I’ve also visited some fascinating museums like the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, and the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick, Md.

I want to make sure everyone knows about them, and if they can’t visit them, I want to give them a glimpse of what they would see.

Looking back at some of my posts, I’ve also visited a number of Forts and Battlefields, as well as 300-year-old Cemeteries and other Historic Sites, like a Haunted Covered Bridge that is a bucket list destination for ghost hunters.

So, About Those Civil War Novels…

If you could only see the list of “ideas” I have to write about, you’d understand why I don’t have any new Civil War novels coming out this year.

But there is hope! I have more than one started. It’s just a matter of clearing my plate and picking one of them to finish.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for special holiday sales, discounts (and even some freebies) on my current list of Civil War novels.

Also, if you haven’t read the Shades of Gray Trilogy yet, it’s available as one big ebook or separately in three books: Duty Bound, Honor Bound and Glory Bound.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, you can also order a signed print copy for a Christmas gift by sending me an email (writefromthepast AT yahoo DOT com).

Speaking of Christmas, if you’re starting to get into the holiday spirit (or want to),  Sleigh Bells Ring is only $3.99 at the moment. (Holiday romance).

It’s not a Civil War novel, but one recent reviewer called it a “beautiful story wrapped in love.” I LOVE that description!

History and Travel

By the way, I’m not very good at video yet, but I put together a short clip on some of the historical places I’ve visited. (Five of my favorites at the time, but it seems like every new place I visit becomes my “new favorite.”)

Some of the shaky videos on my channel are painful to watch, but I’d love for you to SUBSCRIBE and (hopefully) watch me improve. I have some great footage of tours inside some plantation houses that I will be uploading soon.


Staying In Touch

I hope to do a better job of posting here and sending newsletters in the future! It’s a major goal for 2023.

Until next time!




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