jessica james hummingbirds

Well it was bound to happen. The hummingbirds have all disappeared.

The days are getting shorter, the nights are cooler, and the leaves are turning — all signs that summer is over. But when the hummers leave, that’s the signal to me that the winter months are just ahead.

hummingbirdsI was so glad they stuck around this year until the very end of September. According to my journal, they often leave around the 20th. This year I got to enjoy them for a few more days after I returned from a trip to Florida. (I thought sure they would leave while I was gone).

I’m in the process of planting 100 daffodil bulbs that I ordered in March. I’ll be thinking about those bright yellow blooms all winter, and waiting with great anticipation for the return of warm weather — and the return of my hummingbirds!




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