“A sweeping, epic story that features the power and passion of Gone with the Wind.”

Shades of Gray Civil War Trilogy

Shades of Gray Trilogy by award-winning historical fiction author Jessica James.

The full Shades of Gray Trilogy has been out for two weeks now and the reviews are coming in! InD’tale Magazine called it a “haunting love story that stays in one’s consciousness long after the last page is turned,” and book blogger Rebecca Hill said it was “fabulous and engaging from the start.”

One of my favorites though is from the Midwest Book Review senior editor D Donovan who said in her review: “This Civil War story should be on the shelves of any genre reader.” She went on to call Shades of Gray a “sweeping, epic story that features the power and passion of Gone with the Wind.”

The title of this post is part of the review from N.N. Light Book Heaven who highly recommended Shades of Gray and called Volume I of the Trilogy (Duty Bound), “a historical Civil War romantic adventure masterpiece.”

One of my favorite reviews came from NetGalley reviewer R. Chesterfield, who said it was “the best, most engaging, powerful, beautifully written book that I have ever read (and I read a lot of historical fiction).”

Another review I truly appreciate is from a male NetGalley reader. (I love it when men read and review my books on the Civil War). Doug Y said: “Excellent mix of fact and fiction in this epic tale of the lives and times of the Civil War. The split allegiances and affects are addressed expertly.”

Summer is the perfect time for picking up a book, so I hope more readers get to experience a journey back in time with Shades of Gray.

shades of gray trilogy by jessica james





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