I made my annual pilgrimage to the famed Hanover Shoe Farms last weekend, which is the largest Standardbred (trotters and pacers) breeding farm in the world. I worked there many (MANY) years ago, and still enjoy visiting every spring.

hanover shoe farms

A foal photo bombs my picture.

Nothing puts a smile on my face like a field full of foals! They are so curious and rambunctious and fun to watch. And they seem to enjoy making faces and getting into the shot like this one did! (right)

The last time I wrote a story on Hanover Shoe Farms (which was also quite a few years ago), they had more than 400 babies. I’m not sure if that number has gone up or down since then, but there were quite a few fields of them.

Don’t forget to take time to do things that make you smile. Even little things… like watching a field full of foals play around in the sunshine.


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