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The Year of Covid
2020 will forever be remembered as the Year of Covid—and a year to forget. But in looking back at some of the things I accomplished this year, I have to say that, without the Chinese Virus I may not have attempted—or had time to tackle—many of them. I’m inclined to look at the bright side and be thankful for the little things.


I joined the local Medical Reserve Corp as part of the Coronavirus response.
Became certified to deploy with Team Rubicon for disasters and emergencies.
Got certified to administer NARCAN
Became active with the Battle Buddy Response Team, which helps veterans who are contemplating suicide.


Big Achievement: I cleaned out the linen closet (you know, the one that you can’t open the door without everything spilling out).
Painted the master bath, the stairs and stairwell, the front porch, the balcony, the back deck railings, cellar doors, and the back of the shed (two coats of primer and a coat of paint).
Epoxied the bathroom countertop that I painted last year.
Planted three new trees


Had new covers made for three books
Finished and published two books (on time). Presidential Advantage and Sleigh Bells Ring.
Did my first Zoom Book Club Meeting with a club in New York.
Attended a White House ceremony and a Corona Virus Task Force Briefing in the West Wing. (Woot)


Three horseback rides in Virginia. (That counts toward mental health)
Two beach visits to N.C. (Health)
Exercised more since I lost my part-time job as a stagehand, which was my main source of exercise.


Drum Roll:
In March I could only do 30 pushups, which is where I had been stuck for a year. In June, I was able to do 40 (every morning), and now I can do 50.


Was 2020 good or bad for you?

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