Thank a veteran for all we have

author jessica james honors veteransI’m so glad the nation has a day set aside to honor our veterans. There is something special about those who elect to stand and defend our country at the risk of death… We owe them a great debt of gratitude.

Starting with our valiant Founding Fathers, our country has always had citizens who were willing to stand up and pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. To those who have served — or are serving — I thank you! Thank you for taking the oath to defend our Constitution, and thank you for spending time away from your loved ones on behalf of people you don’t even know.

Not everyone is cut out to serve our country in the military, but there ways that every citizen can make a contribution to our great Republic. One of them is to show up in person at the polls on our nation’s designated election day. For those physically capable, it should be an honor to perform this very basic civic duty.

When you compare this simple act to what our veterans have done, you will find that it’s not an inconvenience. It’s not a chore. And it’s certainly not a sacrifice.




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