jessica james happy thanksgiving

November is a month everyone looks forward to as a time to give thanks, meet with family…and eat! But with many of our family gatherings canceled or reduced due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, our celebrations will look different this year. Don’t despair. We can still reflect on our blessings and attempt a semblance of calm while the world seems to get crazier every day.

One thing I have found that inspires me during these unsettled times is to read more about the people who have thrived during trying periods in our American history. The courage of our soldiers from the Revolutionary War through modern day, the determination and resilience of American pioneers, and the steadfastness of our citizens during the Great Depression are just a few examples of how we can learn from their sacrifice and hopefulness.

After all, it was President George Washington who first issued a proclamation in 1789 designating November 26 of that year as a national day of thanksgiving. Later, President Abraham Lincoln took steps towards designating it a permanent federal holiday while we were in the midst of a great Civil War!

Whatever your holiday looks like this year, I hope you can find many things for which to be thankful. As for me, I want you to know that I am grateful for your support, your emails, and your friendship. Everyone who takes the time to leave a review or send me a comment is very special and truly gives me a reason to count my blessings on this special day.

Wishing you all a safe, blessed, and happy Thanksgiving!





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