I’m so excited about the release of Sleigh Bells Ring on Tuesday, and guess what I found when I went to an antique market on Saturday? Yes, some vintage 19th century sleigh bells! The sound they make is just beautiful!

This picture doesn’t do them justice because they are really beautiful. I’m going to get a colorful ribbon and some pine, and hang them on the door just like they do at Painted Sky Ranch in the novel Sleigh Bells Ring.

I  tried to create a special world of unique Christmas traditions at the make-believe ranch in Montana, and sleigh bells ended up becoming the most magical part of the book. I’ve been on the lookout for some antique bells ever since I started writing Sleigh Bells Ring in 2019, so it seems pretty magical that I found them three days before the novel’s release!

By the way, if you don’t have your copy yet, you’d better hurry. The price will go up after this week!

Sleigh Bells Ring is a heartwarming holiday cowboy Christmas romance filled with second chances, holiday traditions, the reuniting of best friends, and the magical promise of love during the holiday season.

jessica james making christmas magicalI have a second book launching this week called Making Christmas Magical. It came about after discovering the many different customs other families have adopted to celebrate the holidays.

After finding so many great ideas, I decided to compile a list so that others could have them at their fingertips instead of searching like I did. I ended up with more than one hundred different traditions that I’ll hope you’ll find intriguing enough to incorporate into your own holidays!

I know it’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit before Halloween, but now that I’ve found my special sleigh bells, I am definitely in the mood. It is a magical time of year, and I think we all need to step away from reality this year!


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