Author jessica james fawnThis has been an amazing year for wildlife! First I had a bear. Then I had birds that I’ve never seen before at the feeder.

And now I have this little guy spending time in the yard every day. His mother is never too far away, but she seems to trust us even if we’re outside. (As long as we mind our own business).

It is hard to tell from the photo, but he is a really tiny thing!

This week I also had a chance to see my very first unicorn — and I even have a photo to prove it!

unicorn author jessica jamesThis was taken at the Land of Little Horses outside Gettysburg, Pa. See? I told you so!

If you’re ever in Gettysburg, make sure you take time to visit (especially if you have kids). The farm holds a special place in my heart because I worked there as a teenager…then I took my nieces when they were little… and now we’re visiting with their children.

The Farm has a petting zoo and all kinds of things to see and do, including horse rides and a show. Their slogan is “The Magic Happens Here,” and it’s true!

I hope everything is magical with you! Enjoy the summer!





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