Are you all still locked down or are you in an area that is back to normal? My
county in Pennsylvania has finally moved into the “yellow phase,” which
means a few more things are now allowed to open.

jessica james indigo buntingSince I lost my glasses about two weeks ago and no eye doctors are seeing patients yet, I find myself jumping out of my chair whenever I see a flash of color at the bird feeder.

A few days ago I caught sight of an indigo bunting, which stops by every
year, but only for a short time. You can see why it would catch my eye even without glasses. It’s a beautiful bird!

oriole jessica jamesNew this year were two pairs of orioles! They started on my hummingbird feeder, so I put oranges out for them. They stuck around a few days, but have since moved on.

grosbeak jessica jamesAnother noticeable visitor that I can see even without glasses is the rose-breasted grosbeak. We’ve had a pair for a number of years but now have three pairs. And let me tell you, they eat a lot!

And then, of course, I have squirrels who enjoy hanging upside down on the feeder to eat until I go out and chase them away. The yard is surrounded by nut trees, but they seem to enjoy fast food at the feeder.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying the little things in life…like what is taking place right outside your window!


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