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Can you believe Memorial Day weekend is almost here?

Everyone knows about honoring our fallen on Memorial Day, but did you know that Friday is National Poppy Day? The iconic flower is worn in tribute to those who have sacrificed all, and in support of veterans, military, and their families. If you have an American Legion  near you, be on the lookout for a way to purchase a poppy from the Auxiliary. All of the money raised on Poppy Day goes to help our veterans!

Author Jessica James placing flags on veterans graves for Memorial DayI spent an afternoon this week placing flags on the graves of veterans at Lower Marsh Creek Church outside Gettysburg. It’s a beautiful cemetery that contains the remains of 29 Revolutionary War patriots; 8 from the War of 1812; 15 from the Civil War; 5 from WWII; and 8 Vietnam/Korea.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the cemetery, I created a video that you can find HERE.

Placing flags is a solemn occasion, but it gives me time to reflect on those who fought for this country before it was even a country! That is just amazing to me. Memorial Day is truly a time to be thankful for life, love, and happiness—and a time to keep alive the memories of those who gave us our freedoms.

I wish you all a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend!

Jessica James Memorial Day Cemetery


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