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DEADLINE: Political Suspense

I’m very excited to announce the release of my new suspense novel DEADLINE on April 9 for the e-book and May 21 (Armed Forces Day), for the print edition.

I started this book more than twenty years ago when I was a small-town reporter (although nothing like the plot in this book ever happened to me, believe me). It was fun to combine some of my historical fiction research from my earlier books into this modern-day political suspense novel. I even worked Colonel John Mosby and Hawthorne into it, believe it or not!

To give you a hint of what the book is about, here’s some of the back cover copy.

He’s a relentless homicide detective. She’s an uncompromising journalist.

Neither desires to work together—but they’ll never uncover the truth alone.

Landing a front page headline isn’t why reporter Caitlin Sparks is investigating a string of suspicious deaths connected to the U.S. State Department. She has a personal stake in finding the killer.

Detective Blake Madison has a connection to the murders too, and will risk anything to uncover the truth. But a journalist is the last person he’d rely on to help him solve a crime—especially one whose trail of evidence leads back to him.

Joining forces becomes essential as the body count continues to grow. Someone powerful doesn’t want the truth to come out—and will stop at nothing to make sure no one talks.

On the run with nowhere to turn, the couple devises a plan to expose the killer. The risk is great and the chance of success small, but the ultimate outcome is something neither one of them envisioned.

I’ll be doing a lot of promotions and giveaways as we get closer to the publishing dates, so stay tuned!



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