IMG_1782I don’t remember ever being so happy and relieved to flip the calendar over to March! It was almost cause for a full-blown celebration!

Here in south-central Pennsylvania, we had the coldest February in recorded history. It seemed like every Monday morning I was driving to work on either snow or ice. Nights were in  the single digits or below 0, and when the highs during the day reached the 20s, it felt like a heat wave.

Of course, it wasn’t very uplifting to welcome the first day of March with a fresh coat of snow, followed by a layer of sleet and ice, but the bright side is that February is over–and the first day of Spring is only three weeks away.

Hard to imagine as I gaze out over a yard of white that Spring will eventually come, but come it will. (Maybe not when the calendar says it should, but it will come).

In the meantime, I’m working on the launch of my first contemporary novel Meant To Be, set for release June 6. It’s romantic military fiction that starts in Ocean City, Md., and then moves to Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s got intrigue, espionage, and of course, an underlying love story with a battlefield setting that will hopefully keep readers turning pages.

Tell me about your winter of 2015 — especially if you spent it somewhere warm. I would love to hear about it!


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