Jessica James Flower Friday

Hyacinths from my garden

As I was writing the headline for this post, it brought to mind the line from the Camelot song:

“It’s May! It’s May! That gorgeous holiday…”

I love being outside this time of year – soaking in the sun, raking out flower beds and planting vegetables. (Don’t forget to visit my Fan Page on Friday’s for “Flower Friday.”

This year it seemed like everything was slow in coming, but now that’s it’s May, things are starting to take off.

Jessica James Flower

Wild flowers growing in the woods.

First the daffodils and hyacinths bloomed, then the tulips and forsythia, and finally the lilacs. The hummingbirds are back as well, and this morning I had two indigo buntings at the birdfeeder.

May brings with it another special feature with it this year. It marks one month before the release of my new novel, Meant To Be, which is already available for pre-order on Amazon. (The official pub date is June 6).

And lastly, May is National Military Appreciation Month, which fits right into the theme of my new novel, which I call romantic military suspense. It’s very different from my historical fiction novels since it takes place in current times, yet in many ways it is very similar. All of my books have a military/war setting and highlight an underlying theme of honor, and duty to God and country.

Please check back here for contests and sneak peeks as the pub date approaches. Meant To Be is a great Beach Read, so if you want to purchase a printed copy to take to the beach, you can get a copy by emailing me (and I’ll sign it for you of course). It will also be available at bookstores everywhere and at all of the online book retailers.

Until next time, have a Happy May!





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