Historical Fiction author Jessica James' Revolutionary War novella
Revolutionary War novella
By Jessica James
”The spark from a single candle
can light a sacred flame.”

I’m sure most of you remember the poem that starts:

“On the 18th of April in ’75,
Hardly a man is still alive
That remembers that famous day and year.”

Yes, it’s called “Paul Revere’s Ride,” and it’s quite long. (Still, there was a time when I could recite the entire thing).

If you dig back in your memory, you may also remember that on the next day, the Battles of Lexington and Concord were fought, marking the opening salvos of the American Revolution. In Massachusetts and Maine, they continue to commemorate this day as a holiday called Patriots’ Day.

I am pleased to announce that my new novella, Liberty and Destiny will be released on Saturday, April 19 — fittingly on Patriots’ Day.

Set during the American Revolution, the novella tells the tale of two Patriots who show their devotion to freedom as they struggle to survive in a war-torn country full of deceivers and spies.

Liberty and Destiny will only be released as an ebook, and I will put the links up as soon as they become available for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and iTunes.

As you go about your business on Saturday, don’t forget to think about that historic day — April 19, 1775 — and the sacrifices that were made during the entire Revolution. We are so blessed to live in this country. Don’t take it for granted.


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