Jessica James visits Wax Museum Civil War auction
The Lincoln-Douglas Debate display.

If anyone is going to be near Gettysburg, Pa., on Saturday, you might want to stop by the American Civil War Wax Museum on Steinwehr Avenue, where they will be auctioning off old wax figures along with other items that made up their displays.

After 52 years of business and more than eight million visitors, the museum has changed hands, and will change its vision and purpose.

The Wax Museum is such an institution in Gettysburg, that it is really sad to see it change. But I toured the museum today, including the off limits part that is undergoing major renovations, and can’t wait until they officially open. They have great things planned for the future, with a concentration on civilian life in the town of Gettysburg, rather than the battle itself.

Jessica James visits Civil War Wax Museum
Auction Item 121: John S. Mosby.

I also browsed around the things that will go up for auction, and guess what? John Mosby will be sold. For those who are not aware, Confederate cavalry commander John Mosby is the real-life soldier that my main character in Noble Cause and Shades of Gray is based.

( I am renovating a room in my home and think this wax figure would make a wonderful addition).

The items for sale include approximately 95 Civil War figures dressed in period clothing, two monumental oil paintings, antique furniture, antique lighting, small antiques, flags, wall hangings, props and displays.

One of the two oil paintings for sale is a portrait of George Washington in a gold frame that is eight feet tall. Absolutely beautiful.

The auction is pretty much a Civil War buff’s (or historical fiction author’s) dream. I walked through and marked down a number of items I would love to have, including vintage books, furniture, and of course, John Mosby.

Msc. body parts for sale.

If you’re not a Mosby fan, there are plenty of other notable Civil War figures to bid on–like  Abe Lincoln or George Custer, JEB Stuart or Bedford Forrest. There are also likenesses of Jefferson Davis, John Brown, Dred Scott, Eli Whitney, AP Hill, Jenny Wade, Ulysses S. Grant, George Meade, Sherman, Sheridan, Burnside, McClellan, and Hooker, to name a few.

Also, if you’re in the market for Halloween items, there are plenty of arms, legs, heads and torsos.

I’m looking forward to the auction on Saturday. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Jessica James 


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