’s Day is approaching! Want to read some romance? From the Heart: Love Stories and Letters from the Civil War is an e-book I’ve put together that includes beautifully written and poignant love letters from the Civil War.

Today, no form of communication is more important, more romantic—and more in danger of being lost—than the written word. You realize how far we’ve moved away from letter writing when you compare text messages to the heartfelt words of some of the Civil War’s most renowned warriors, including JEB Stuart, Stonewall Jackson and George Pickett.

Letter-writing was a big part of Victorian era courtship, and the practice of letter writing did not end upon a couple’s marriage. Here’s an excerpt from one of the letters:

“Darling, my heart turns to you with a love so great that pain flows in its wake. You cannot understand this, my beautiful, bright-eyed, sunny-hearted princess. Your face is the sweetest face in all the world, mirroring, as it does, all that is pure and unselfish, and I must not cast a shadow over it by the fears that come to me, in spite of myself. No, a soldier should not know fear of any kind. I must fight and plan and hope, and you must pray. Pray for a realization of all our beautiful dreams, sitting beside our own hearthstone in our own home—you and I, you my goddess of devotion, and I your devoted slave. May God in his mercy spare my life and make it worthy of you!…

Your soldier”
(Written by Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson just a few months before he was mortally wounded by friendly fire in the Wilderness).
Victorian Valentine's DayThe letters included in this book are ones that I ran across while doing research for my historical fiction novels Shades of Gray and Noble Cause. I had nowhere to use them, so decided to gather them together for others to read.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a beautifully written letter from your loved one instead of flowers or chocolate for Valentine’s Day? Read the book and you’ll see that words such as these will last much longer than flowers. They will endure forever!

From the Heart is available on Amazon for 99 cents. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!
Jessica James


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