Happy New Year everyone!

I posted this on Facebook, but it’s so good, I decided to post it here too for anyone not on Facebook. It’s a touching poem by Francis Alexander Durivage that I ran across while reading James Williamson’s book “Mosby’s Rangers.”

That Is All

There hangs a sabre, and there a rein,
With rusty buckle and green curb chain;
A pair of spurs on the old gray wall,
And a mouldy saddle – well, that is all.

Come out to the stable; it is not far,
The moss-grown door is hanging ajar;
Look within! There’s an empty stall,
Where once stood a charger – and that is all.

The good black steed came riderless home,
Flecked with blood-drops, as well as foam,
Do you see that mound, where the dead leaves fall?
The good black horse pined to death – that is all.

All? O, God! It is all I can speak.
Question me not – I am old and weak.
His saddle and sabre hang on the wall,
And his horse pined to death – I have told you all.


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