Since one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War took place in Gettysburg, it’s not surprising that there are many places that are considered haunted.

One of the places ghost hunters like to visit (including me and my nieces and nephews) is a 100-foot-long covered bridge called Sachs Bridge.

Originally built in 1854 by David Spooner, the bridge spans Marsh Creek south and a little west of Gettysburg. It is built with a truce and lattice support system, and was used by both Union and Confederate forces on the first day of the three-day battle.

After day two of the battle, the bridge remained on the Confederate side until their retreat. Sachs Bridge is considered to be the most historic covered bridge in the state. It was closed to automobile traffic in 1968, and in 1980 it was listed on the in the National Register of Historic Places. It is also called by many who have investigated one of the most active paranormal spots in Gettysburg.

In addition to the troops that occupied the bridge, there is a darker side as well. The story is told that three men were hung from the rafters there. Some people say it was 3 Confederate soldiers caught as spies. Others say that the three soldiers were deserters. In any case, there are people who claim to have photos of bodies hanging from the bridge that they didn’t seen when the picture was taken.

I’m sure the bridge will be a busy place on Halloween night. If you’re in the Gettysburg area you can check it out–if you dare!

Jessica James


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