Just got word that a book review of my historical fiction novel Noble Cause ran in Sunday’s edition of the Fredericksburg (Va.) Free Lance-Star.

Part of the review says:

“Author Jessica James ably blends the reality of war and its honor, bravery and conflicting beliefs, with the growing love of two people with opposing ideologies and views of what is right.”

The review is entitled “Romance in the Midst of War.” Hope you’ll take a look!

I really enjoy this newspaper and hope to get down to visit the Fredericksburg area again soon. It’s actually the town where I really began to get serious about writing a Civil War novel, after having a “ghostly” encounter at a Civil War hospital there.

One of the main scenes in Noble Cause (with Daniel Delaney) takes place at the Lacy House because of that encounter. I’ll have to write about that some day!

Until then …

Jessica James


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