The path we walk to
the old log cabin.

There’s a golden tint in the air these days even if the leaves have only just begun to take on an autumn hue. The humidity has finally dropped and there is the definite feel of fall in the air.

It’s my favorite time of year!

Unlike most people who are probably most active during the summer months, I do a lot of writing and very little moving from June through August. Even my part-time job as a stagehand slows down to just routine maintenance and cleaning, so it is inevitable that I gain a few pounds during the months when most people are losing them.

But with autumn comes the beginning of a new theater season — and with the falling of leaves comes the start of wood cutting season, a surefire way to keep the pounds off!

The log cabin in the woods.

To keep from gaining too much weight this summer, I started taking a walk every night with my dog. Our favorite place to go is an old log cabin that sits less than a half-mile away down an old logging trail. I like to walk right around dusk, and think about all of those who have walked in my very footsteps (including Indians, no doubt!).

Local folklore has it that the owner of the cabin and the owner of my house (which is circa early 1800s), used to fight over the spring which lies on my property about halfway between the two houses.

The spring is only used by the deer and other wildlife now, but I make sure to go there a few times a year to rake out the leaves and branches. It’s off the beaten path and not an easy climb, but it’s interesting to think about what it must have been like 100 — and even 200 — years ago. Perhaps it was even used by Civil War soldiers on the retreat from Gettysburg.

Hope you enjoy these last days of August and put them to good use!

Jessica James


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