Just a quick post about last weekend — one of the few weekends I have off during the month of June. We took the short trip to Harper’s Ferry to wander around the Flea Market there, and came home with an old wooden-handled hatchet and two baggies of Civil War items that were dug around Harper’s Ferry and Loudoun County, Virginia.

I bought the items mainly because, when I see a school is studying the Civil War, I like to send something for the kids to feel and touch — and buying items in Gettysburg is very expensive. But when we got home and went through the bags, we discovered what little treasures the baggies contained. As you can see, the first photo shows mostly bullets and spent bullets that are just globs of lead. There are also a few buttons, and in the top right, there is some sort of religious medal that is worn almost smooth.

The second baggie contains more of the same, as well as a sleigh bell and an old spoon.

Some may look at the items and see pieces of lead and junk. I look at them as pieces of history, treasures that can never be replaced.

So that is my latest Flea Market find. If anyone knows of any other Flea Markets in the area that I should visit, please let me know.

Jessica James


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