It sure seems like Spring took a long time to get here this year. Traveling in the South to promote my new Civil War novel Noble Cause gave me a taste of warm weather and gardens in bloom, so I’m very grateful that we’ve now had a couple of days of sun for my own flowers.

I now have daffodils and tulips in bloom, with my forsythia just about over. I love the contrast of reds and yellows together, so it’s nice when the daffodils and tulips bloom at the same time.

My hyacinths are on their way out, but boy, were they fragrant! All of the downpours we’ve had over the last few weeks didn’t help them any. I brought a bunch of them into the house because they were so heavy with moisture they were lying over. Since I often receive hyacinths as Easter gifts (which I plant, of course), I have a number of different colors — deep purples, deep pinks, light pinks, and ivory.

I can’t wait now for the lilacs to open, and the Red Bud trees are just on the brink of being in full bloom. The yard has been mowed and we’ve already eaten fresh asparagus from the garden, so I guess Spring really is here, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

I’ll probably re-plant this single yellow tulip. I’m not sure where it came from – though I’m always amazed each Spring with what I planted the Fall before. (And I often wonder what I was thinking).

I have lots and lots of daffodils (everyone in Knoxlyn does), and lots and lots of phlox that I use for cover in difficult places. (See below).

Now all there is to do is wait for the strawberries to ripen! Then we’ll know that Summer is here.

Jessica James


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