April means warm weather, spring flowers — and of course, Confederate History Month. This year is especially relevant as the 150th Anniversary “Sesquicentennial” of the War Between the States, 1861-1865, is now underway through 2015.

The Confederate History Month Committee encourages everyone to make the events that have been planned as part of the 150th commemoration a family affair and learn more about this important time in our nation’s past. Visit www.confederatehistorymonth.com for more information.

I am really excited to be launching my new historical fiction novel Noble Cause in Charleston, S.C., next week and will be there on the actual anniversary of the start of the War. My schedule is crammed full of plantation visits, book signings, exploring, attending sesquicentennial events, and of course, shopping! I’ll be blogging each evening and will post my itinerary before I leave so check back soon!

Jessica James


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