I had a great time signing my historical fiction novel Shades of Gray at the American Civil War Center in Gettysburg on Saturday as part of the annual Remembrance Day festivities in Gettysburg. I met many wonderful people from New York, New Jersey, and Ohio, to name a few.

The staff at the museum was fantastic and made the event very enjoyable. The gift shop at the Wax Museum (as it’s known locally) is definitely one of the best in town. I highly recommend it if you’re planning a visit to Gettysburg.

The signing gave me the opportunity to be in the heart of the tourist area, so I got to see a part of town that most locals avoid during this busy weekend. After the signing I walked up Steinwher Avenue, bought a cup of hot apple cider, and enjoyed the parade.

It was wonderful to see so many people lining the streets to enjoy history. I always recommend this weekend in November to anyone planning a visit to Gettysburg. I think it’s even better than the Battle of Gettysburg anniversary in July — though the weather does not always cooperate. (But I’d actually rather be cold than suffer through 95 degrees and high humidity).

After the parade, I walked around town and visited different shops. (Again, locals don’t usually shop in the tourist area, but they don’t know what they are missing). I found a few Christmas gifts and lots of things I wanted for myself!

Being around so many other people who enjoy history heals my soul. I’m so blessed to live in such a great town!

Jessica James


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