What a busy summer it was! I don’t quite know where it went, but I love this time of year – especially now that the weather has turned cooler here. I have already helped to split and unload a truckload of firewood, something that will become a ritual every weekend very soon.

In the writing world, I was pleased to learn recently that I am featured in the new book 50 Writers You Should Be Reading, just published by The Author’s Show.

I was interviewed for the radio show back when my historical fiction novel Shades of Gray was new, so it was a bit of a surprise when I found out I was selected for this inaugural edition.

According to the publisher’s information, the authors in the book were chosen for their ability to verbalize their deep love for the craft of writing, and presents to readers some of the “best writers the new world of publishing has to offer.”

Wow. It’s nice to be included in this wonderful book. You can take a closer look or find ordering information at The Author’s Show.

Jessica James


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