If you’ve stopped by as part of techno-thriller author Denise Robbins’ brilliant Connect the Dots promotion, you’re in the right place!

If you’re not, but want to play along, go to Denise’s blog. In a nutshell, I am posting the answers to yesterday’s questions, which were asked on the CafeofDreams blog. I am also posting new questions, the answers to which you will find tomorrow at MichelJ’s blog.

Play along and win some great prizes!

Answers: It Happens in Threes
Crashing thru a bathroom door to save a naked heroine
Crashing thru a kitchen door

Questions: What is the heroine in Connect the Dots always baking?
Where can you get the recipe?

Don’t forget: You can find the answers to these questions and the next questions on Wednesday at MichaelJ’s.

Remember to stop back at Denise’s blog to leave your answers and win prizes!


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