Wow, I didn’t know little birds grew that fast! They are gone. Their little house sits empty now after so much activity over the past few weeks.

I’m very disappointed that I didn’t get to witness their first flight, but I’m not really complaining that their gone. The last few days were a little rough. If one of the cats so much as walked onto the porch, the mother bird would sit on the butterfly bush right outside my door and put up such a racket that I would have to go out and retrieve the cat.

Locking up three adult cats that are accustomed to roaming over 15 acres is no picnic either. When I say adult – I mean they are more than four years old. That doesn’t mean they don’t still climb the curtains after imaginary game, or ambush one another from the back of the couch. Racing each other around, over, and under my desk was another way to burn off the excess energy caused by their lack of freedom.

The black and gray ball of fur you see are two of my cats sleeping after play (Yes, the gray one only has three and a half legs. He showed up at my house that way).

Needless to say, I didn’t get much writing done on my next historical fiction novel this week. But somewhere out there are some little wrens getting a chance to make it in this big, fast-moving world.


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