What a great and historic day we had in Virginia on Saturday!

The Mosby Heritage Area Association hosted the 2nd Mosby Ranger Descendant Reunion at the Inn at Kelly’s Ford and had a great turnout!

It was so wonderful to meet the descendants of the men I read about while doing the research for my historical fiction novel, Shades of Gray, (which, by the way, climbed to #1 on Amazon in the romance/historical category, beating out Gone with the Wind for the first time)!

I had the honor of meeting members of the Ashby family, the deButt’s family, and the Delaney’s, among others. I even shook the hand of the grandson of Mosby Ranger John Alexander. (I have a first edition copy of the book written by the elder Alexander).

There was one relative of Mosby himself there as well – a sixth cousin to the Confederate officer.

It was so great to see the different relatives comparing genealogy notes and to find some new leaves on their own family trees. I had the honor of sitting with descendants of the Gray brothers and Christopher Shaw during lunch, and the added privilege of listening to the Tuscarora Band afterward.

I know the event was a lot of work for the Heritage Area Association members, but it was surely a worthwhile one. I hope they plan another in the near future!


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