In honor of Confederate Heritage Month, I found this reply to an editorial that appeared in a Chicago society periodical, calling for bands to stop playing “Dixie.” The response to that editorial appeared in Confederate Veteran (1897), and here is part of “A Southern Woman’s Answer:”

True merit rarely goes without recognition. We, as Southern people, glory in the “tendency to keep alive the sentiment of the lost cause.”

Why not? Have we anything of which to be ashamed? True, defeat was ours, but it was brought about not through any lack of bravery, gallantry, or patriotism for what we believe to be right because of its being guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

The record of Confederate soldiers is without a parallel in history, and, as time goes on, instead of being classed as traitors, their many gallant deeds and loyal hearts will be appreciated for their true worth, and their names go down in history as heroes true to every trust.

“Time to call off ‘Dixie?'” No!


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