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A quote for Confederate History Month

"Any society which suppresses the heritage of its conquered minorities, prevents their history or denies them their symbols, has sown the seeds of their own destruction." - Sir William Wallace, 1281 AD

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Time to call off ‘Dixie?’ No!

In honor of Confederate Heritage Month, I found this reply to an editorial that appeared in a Chicago society periodical, calling for bands to stop playing "Dixie." The response to that editorial appeared in Confederate Veteran (1897), and here is part of "A Southern...

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Southern matrons asked to guard history

In honor of Confederate Heritage Month, here is the continued post from April 1.It is for you, Southern matrons, to guard your cherished ones against this foul idolatry, and to teach them a nobler and a higher moral. It is for you to bring the youth of our land to...

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April is Confederate History Month

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” — Marcus GarveyIt's finally April! Since I have a bad case of Spring Fever this year, I have been looking forward to watching the flowers and trees finally burst...

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Confederate Heritage Month

In seeking ways I could help promote Confederate Heritage Month and bring attention to the month of the year when the War Between the States both ended and began, I did what I always do as a historical fiction author - I turned to the voices of the past. After all,...

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Civil War exploits of John Mosby

Since I neglected to write about Colonel John Mosby's first raid as a captain that occurred the first week of March in 1863, I thought I'd pick up on what took place later in the month. To give a brief summary of that first excursion, however, since it outdoes even...

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The great Civil War snowball fight

Here in Pennsylvania, we know about the unpredictable weather of March. Yesterday (when I worked 12 hours), it was sunny and in the 60s. Today, it's going to be in the 40s and windy. During the Civil War, the unpredictable weather helped to break the routine of camp...

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A trip back in time to Olde Virginia

Well, I'm back from beautiful Charlottesville and the Virginia Festival of the Book, and boy did I have fun! Though I was only there a short time, I did take the opportunity to see some of the historic sites the Charlottesville area has to offer. My first stop was...

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A Civil War curiosity: Devil’s Den

One of the little perks I get for living in an historic area like Gettysburg is to have the opportunity to pass Civil War landmarks during my everyday travels. I found myself in that circumstance last week when a shortcut to an appointment took me across the area of...

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Civil War graffiti & a new photo of Lincoln

So many great Civil War stories in the news this week, I wanted to post a couple in case you missed them. As an historical fiction author, I am always keeping my eyes open for these, and it always amazes me when we learn something new about this period!The first one...

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