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If you’re looking for a classic, intelligent romance —without gratuitous violence, explicit love scenes or vulgar language—you’re in the right place! My books, whether historical or contemporary, are clean, old-fashioned love stories that satisfy avid romance enthusiasts, while containing enough action and suspense to appeal to male readers as well.

When I started writing novels, I never set out to be a military romance writer or a Christian fiction writer, but those are the labels often attributed to my work. The themes I write about are honor, courage, duty—and of course love, the type of enduring love that can be found in the pages of the old classics. My books are often set on a battlefield, but they are interwoven with suspense, adventure, and emotional stories of attraction, conflict and courage that inspire patriotism and a sense of faith.

So what will you find in my tales of suspense and romance? Characters who are dealing with formidable challenges, but somehow find the courage to overcome them. Diverse settings, from a sun-kissed beach in Ocean City, Md. to a snowcapped mountain range in Afghanistan. Touches of humor—perhaps when you least expect it. And most of all, hope-filled endings. We live in tumultuous times, but people of honor, principle, character and integrity do exist. You’ll meet them in my books. And I hope they’ll convince you that enduring love and happy endings are possible.

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