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- Richard Lovelace, Off to War

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Check out these sites for book reviews

First, I want to remind everyone again that it is Confederate Heritage Month. You can check out the Confederate Heritage Minutes each day of April on the left-hand column of this blog for informative little tidbits about Confederate history. Also, this Saturday, April 12th is considered the Civil War's birthday. It's a great day to visit a battlefield or museum... or read a Civil War book!

If you do enjoy reading, I must recommend two fairly new sites that you may want to visit to find out what's new in bookstores.

The first is a blog called bookwormsdinner (what passionate readers eat). While there you might notice that the blogger reviewed Shades of Gray and wrote: “If you want to read a book you will never forget and will think about for months after reading it, read Shades of Gray. The book took my breath away. Honestly, you will not sleep.”

(Sorry for the shameless self promotion, but I had to do it).

The second site is found at www.reviewyourbook.com. I highly recommend this site for other authors because they were very courteous and prompt in posting their reviews. Reviewer Debra Gaynor said of Shades: “Jessica James has created one of the most moving Civil War stories I have ever read. I had to remind myself this was fiction.”

If you are considering purchasing a copy of Shades of Gray, please do it during the month of April. As I said in a previous post, I am donating $1 for every book sold this month to the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans for the work they do in promoting American history. (I'm sure hoping I have to write a big check)!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Confederate Heritage Month!

Hello to all. Hope you haven't forgotten that April is Confederate Heritage Month!

Thanks to the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I plan to post a "Confederate Heritage Month Minute" each day of April. (I am hoping to keep up with that anyway).

I am also planning to donate $1 of each copy of Shades of Gray sold throughout the month of April to the Sons of Confederate Veterans for the work they do in educating the general public about Confederate heritage. For more information on the different events that are going on throughout the month of April, please visit www.confederateheritagemonth.com.

Here is the Confederate Heritage Month Minute for April 1:

April is an important month in America's history. The Great Locomotive Chase, where Union spies attempted to steal the Confederate Locomotive "The General" and destroy rail lines and bridges, took place on April 12, 1862. The month of April has come to be known as Confederate History and Heritage Month.
Click here for more information.

Don't forget to check back every day for your "Confederate Heritage Minute."

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